Versatile, Creative, and Hard-Working

“I highly recommend Kate as a copywriter. During her time as a freelance writer at Wondrium, she excelled in writing our weekly newsletter and made significant contributions to our social media channels, YouTube, and content marketing website. With her help, we saw a substantial increase in brand awareness and gained a loyal fan base of subscribers. Kate’s versatility, creativity, and strong work ethic make her an invaluable asset to any team!”

Rich Bernett, Brand Content Strategist/Creative Director, Wondrium

Coordinates With Others to Create Engaging, Relevant Copy

“Kate wrote a series of marketing landing pages for New Mexico Highlands University. She was able to work with people across multiple offices, including our marketing team, to create engaging, relevant copy to highlight academic and student life at our institution.”

Sean Weaver, Director of University Relations, New Mexico Highlands University

Generates Valuable Brand Awareness, Sales, and Subscriptions

“As a key member of the Wondrium marketing writing team, Kate contributed numerous educational articles for Wondrium Daily, a free content marketing website used to generate brand awareness, long form marketing copy promoting new video courses for our catalogs and website, as well as weekly B2C newsletters. She has a keen sense of how to craft marketing copy from long form video transcripts that enlighten and engage. Without a doubt, Kate’s writing has generated valuable brand awareness, sales, and subscriptions for Wondrium. I highly recommend her for any of your copy project needs!”

Lisa B., Creative Director, Wondrium

Enthusiastic, Engaged, and Dependable

“Kate’s enthusiasm for the material is evident in her copy. She follows directions precisely, maintains clear communication throughout the writing process, and delivers the copy in a timely manner.”

Amber Troska, Marketing Copy Editor, The Great Courses

Gets It Right the First Time

“Copy looks awesome!! The Brian Tracy team had only minor changes and said it was fantastic.”

Erin Shafqat, Digital Marketing Manager, Brandetize

An Absolute Treat to Work With

“I had the pleasure of working with Kate Findley during her time as a student at USC, and she’s kept me posted, at my request, about her work and growth since graduation. I’ve always been nothing but impressed by her drive, her professionalism, her terrific instincts, and her bountiful, joyful creativity. It’s an absolute treat to work with Kate, and she is reliably cheerful and upbeat and savvy about the written word and its usefulness and power. I recommend her highly!”

Aimee Bender, Professor, University of Southern California, & Author of The Color Master

A Sharp Mind and Keen Eye

“In 20 years of teaching writing, Kate Findley remains one of my best graduate students, simply because she worked so hard (yet with ease), she was inspired and inspiring to writing students toiling all around her in the program. She was a pleasure to be around. I strongly recommend Ms. Findley’s sharp eye and keen mind for all things writerly.”

Benjamin Weissman, Senior Lecturer, Otis College of Art & Design, & Author of Headless

 Impeccable Attention to Detail

“Kate is a great communicator, both verbally and in writing. Her response time is excellent and work product is invariably timely and meticulous.

Kate has impeccable attention to detail. Her comments and recommendations on our students’ timed essays are very specific and thorough and have proven to be an invaluable tool to our inspiring writers as well as to their standardized test prep tutors. In her direct one-on-one work with our students, Kate demonstrates a keen eye and a practiced hand in providing individualized coaching to help our students hone their personal voice, develop their analytical skills, improve their vocabulary and grammar, take their self-editing abilities to the next level, and ultimately to become the most fluid and powerful writers they can be.”

Amy Hayutin-Contreras, Partner, Hayutin & Associates