Steps to having more happiness, exuding more charisma, and producing better content

Boost VSL conversion 83%; 3 steps to happiness

By Bob Bly

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December 4, 2017


***Boosting VSL conversion rates***

On sales pages and VSLs, there should always be an order button
at the bottom of the page. But to improve VSL response,
split-test also having your ?Add to Cart? button appear higher up
on the screen as the video progresses. Jeff Johnson says this one
tweak alone has increased his VSL conversion rates by as much as

Source: Jeff Johnson email, 9/21/17.


***3 steps to greater happiness and joy***

1?Appreciate the ?little things? such as friendships, pets, and

2?Use your strengths (e.g., creativity, curiosity, kindness) to
redefine work and relationships.

3?Use your unique assets (e.g., strengths, resources) for a
purpose beyond your individual means.

Source: Plain Talk newsletter, 9/17.


***A common-sense but often-neglected secret of freelance writing

Freelancers who don?t continue their education will become
shallow, ineffective, and very poor communicators.

You need to be curious. You need a zest for life. You need to
wonder why something is the way it is. If you?re going to be a
life-long freelancer, you must become a life-long learner.

Source: Beth Ann Erickson, Writing Etc., 9/20/17.


***4 ways to produce content better and faster***

Top marketer MaryEllen Tribby says there are 4 ways she uses the
concept of ?recycling? content in her own business, described by
the acronym F.A.S.T.:

?F ? FIND appropriate excerpts.
?A ? ADD to free materials.
?S ? SWIPE other people?s content.
?T ? TRANSCRIBE your rants.

Disclaimer: You must take pains to avoid copyright violations
when using F.A.S.T. or otherwise recycling or repurposing content
that you do not own the right to.

Source: MaryEllen Tribby, For Working Moms Only, 10/9/17.


***PowerPoint presentation tip: the rule of 5+5***

The 5-and-5 rule says that a PowerPoint slide should have no more
than 5 bullet points with no more than 5 words per point on
average. Explains presentations expert Joel Schwartzberg: ?Not
only will bullets keep your conveyances succinct, but they?ll
also ensure your audience spends more time looking at you and
less time reading your slides.?

Source: ?Get to the Point? (Berrett-Koehler, 2017, p. 85).


***5 ways you can exude greater charisma***

#1?Show other people you are genuinely glad to meet them.

#2?Show a little vulnerability ? admit a minor weakness or small

#3?Search for agreement in discussion rather than contradiction.

#4?Ask others questions; listen to the answers.

#5?Remember names and other details about the people you meet.

Source: Tuff Talk newsletter, October 2017, p. 2.


***Before you bash other people?s marketing, read this***

Before you criticize other people?s work or abilities, remember
that you don?t know the full story. Their website might not be
?good? because they?ve been burning the midnight oil to keep a
struggling business afloat. Their latest project might not
impress because it was eviscerated in the review process.

Freelancer Kathy Cowan says: ?May I instead suggest the real
reason behind your critical thinking? You?re insecure. You?re
threatened by others. Or worse, you?re so over-confident that you
actually think you?re better than everyone else.?

Her advice? Have an honest word with your ego. And consider
whether your criticism is justified or pointlessly negative.

Source: ASJA Weekly, 10/17/17.


***Have an attitude of gratitude***

Take a moment to let someone know that you appreciate them? a
spouse, family member, co-worker, or friend. Call them, write a
letter, send them a text, or whatever to let them know how much
they matter. Sometimes they need to hear this more than you know.
The benefits to expressing your thanks and gratitude will be
significant, both for them and for you.

Source: Jon Gordon?s Weekly Newsletter, 11/20/17.


***Yet another reason to

Read before bed, advises Al Sears, MD. Reason: According to Dr.
Sears, many people think it?s only your body that needs sleep.
But your brain does, too.

?Reading is relaxing for your body, but requires a fair amount of
thought,? says Dr. Sears. ?Because you?re working your brain,
you?re more likely to grow tired enough to sleep soundly through
the night.?

Source: Doctor?s House Call, 10/24/17.


***Quotation of the month***

?The painful part of life ? of hard work ? is the part that most
often lets us know we?re alive. Sybarites face empty lives simply
because the nerve ending of pleasure dull so quickly.?
?John Jerome, ?On Turning Sixty-Five,? Random House.



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