How to Always Make Your Loved One Happy


It seems like some people are impossible to please?especially?when it comes to romantic relationships!

One moment you?re talking and laughing.

The next minute your partner is glaring at you in stony silence or carping at you for some inconsequential thing?when you?ve done nothing at all!

As these episodes become more frequent, you start to get on edge.

Desperate not to tip the boat, you go above and beyond to make your partner happy.

You buy expensive gifts.

You avoid any triggers you know would instigate an argument.

You nod silently as you?re berated for a minor offense.

But none of these actions improve your relationship?in fact, they only make it worse!

That?s because if you go out of your way to make your partner happy, you?ll start to feel resentful.

And your partner can sense this resentment, if only at a subconscious level.

According to the law of attraction, energy attracts like energy. Lower vibration energies like anger and resentment will elicit similar attitudes in your lover.

When a problem occurs in your relationship, it?s only natural to panic. You like everything to run harmoniously.

So you rack your brain to come up with solutions.

But there?s a better way.

First, you must love yourself. When you ?seek out? love, you?re at the mercy of external forces. But when you look within, you?re in the driver?s seat.

As you start to love yourself, others?including your significant other?WILL take note.

Once you have self-love mastered, you?ll find it easier to love others.

Then, instead of straining to ?fix? your relationship problems, surrender yourself to feelings of LOVE for your partner.

?But of course I love my partner!? you protest. ?That?s why I?m working so hard to stay together!?

All too often, though, love gets tangled up with negative emotions such as anger and neediness.

Trying extra hard to please your partner may just be fear masquerading as love?

fear of abandonment, fear of conflict, fear of failure.

Unconditional love does not depend on external factors such as your lover?s acceptance and approval. It simply?is.

So the next time your partner gets angry because the dishes aren?t done or the snow isn?t shoveled, don?t despair.

Instead, allow LOVE to gently wash over the problem, untangling the knots.

With the?Release Technique, learn to cleanse yourself of any negative emotions surrounding your relationship and replace them with pure, unadulterated love.

You?ll soon discover that much of the struggle in your relationship derives from?wanting?something from your significant other. The instant you learn to abandon this desire and simply?give?love, everything will flow so much smoother.

Want to go deeper? Try?The Relationships Course, which will help you transform even the most problematic relationships into ones of deep connection and tranquility.

As user A.C. reports, ?This is the easiest, most comprehensive, most effective method I have ever learned? releasing! Since beginning the course, I have found: My 26 year marriage is BETTER THAN EVER. Almost all struggle and power plays have simply dissipated into thin air, and my husband is now more present and attentive than ever. He even asked me for a Valentine?s Date! Hasn?t happened in forever.?

You can apply this technique to any issue you are facing, not just those associated with romantic relationships.

Struggling to move up in your career?

LOVE is the answer.

Suffering from an unexplained medical condition?

LOVE might be the key.

It?s time to?release?all the blockages in your life so you can start living a joy-filled existence fueled by the force of LOVE.