How to Find Inner Peace Amidst World Chaos

Hurricanes. Wildfires. Mass Shootings.
Hurricanes. Wildfires. Mass Shootings.

If you?ve been following the news lately, it seems like the world is coming to an end.

Just thinking about these things probably makes you feel stressed and anxious.

After all, these are situations you have no control over.

But here?s something you CAN control.

You can control how you?react?to the news.

First, you must realize you have a choice.

You can CHOOSE to react with fear and anxiety.

Then ask yourself: is the anxiety?helping?me to cope with this news better? Is it making the situation itself better?

Of course not.

Here?s your other option. You can choose to be IMPERTURBABLE. That is, you can decide to remain CALM and AT PEACE no matter what is happening outside of you.

This may seem unnatural. After all, you are conditioned to experience distress when you see your fellow humans suffering as well as fear that the situation, whatever it is (disease/violence/natural disaster), may fall upon YOU and your loved ones.

But is your distress helping to relieve others of their suffering? Is your fear shielding you from danger


So how do you deal with these negative emotions, specifically those brought on by current events?

First, limit your exposure to the news, whether it be on the television, the radio, or online. This doesn?t mean you need to live in a bubble. But you don?t need to be exposed to it 24/7, either.

The news is designed to conjure up fear, not necessarily to reflect reality. It tells stories of terrible things happening in the world because that?s what gets ratings. If it were true that the world was going to end based on what the news said, it would have ended a long time ago. The more you expose yourself to the news, the more the negative emotions surrounding these stories will start to seep into your own life.

Second, resist the urge to vent about national tragedies on social media or spend hours pouring over comments about them. Reading comments like ?I?m terrified for the world? over and over will naturally start to make you feel anxious, or like you?should?be anxious.

Some people may think that excessively expressing fear and distress in public forums is therapeutic, but it?s not. All it?s doing is pouring negativity on top of negativity.

It?s time to make the choice to NOT let fear run your life. Instead, choose higher emotions like calm and gratitude.

Recognize that remaining imperturbable does?not?mean being apathetic or insensitive to what?s happening in the world. It is simply a choice to remain filled with joy no matter what is happening around you.

Look where stress has gotten you. Nowhere.

If you feel like you?must?do something, then pour feelings of LOVE on all those who are affected by the situation, including yourself.

Finally, and most importantly, use the?Release Technique?to melt the stress away, anytime, anywhere. Think about whatever situation is giving you anxiety right now. Resist the urge to repress the anxiety or vent about it. Simply invite it up. Put your hand on your chest or stomach. You may feel a tightness.

Now make the decision right here and now to let go of the anxiety. You don?t have to be forceful. Just give it permission to leave. You can picture it as a dark cloud and your breath as the wind pushing it out of your body. Be patient. Continue doing this until all the anxiety is gone.

How do you feel now? Lighter? More at ease?

This is just a small preview of what you get when you learn how to release anxiety.

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