Sales Letter

Generate immediate sales from a powerful letter.

Course Description

Synthesize the most compelling aspects of a course into a succinct, attention-grabbing description.


Position a product/service as THE solution via a magazine-style article.

Email Autoresponder (Series)

Strengthen customer relationships and/or drive sales of a specific product.

Stand-Alone Email??

Reach out and grow sales with special promotions, invitations, and more.


Maintain customer loyalty with regular issues filled with tips, advice, and offers.

Case Study

Offer problem-solution-outcome stories featuring a product.

Special Report (White Paper)

Attract email sign-ups/new leads with valuable, downloadable reports.

Postcard or double postcard

Stay in the ?keep? pile of mail and prompt action.

Ghostwriting a Book

Have a writer prepare a compelling memoir or business book.


Succinctly and clearly explain how a product/service benefits prospects.


Keeps customers engaged with entertaining, informative copy.

Blog Post?

Single, topic-specific blog posts engage existing customers and attract new customers.

Press Release?

Get attention from the media and drive additional site visits.

Website ? home page

Set the stage for a great site experience and immediately generate interests.

Website ? other pages

Rewrite the main web pages, such as About, Services, and Subscribe.

Landing Page

Generate leads and sales with professional, conversion-focused copy.

Product Pages

Use professional, compelling copy for all new products.

Social Media Management: Facebook, Twitter, and More

Consistently grow with posting/monitoring 1-2 hours/day, 5 days/week.

Social Media Ad Campaign

Attract Likes, Shares, and conversions with super-targeted social ads.


Provide highly useful information to customers via electronic guides.

?How-to? Guide or Tour

Provide helpful guides explaining how a product, service, or site works.


Answer common questions asked by customers (great for SEO).

Copy critique

Strengthen results with a professional review and recommendations.