Take control of your life?conquer fatigue and boost performance in all areas with superpowered supplement


Dear <name>:

Do you wish you could design your ideal supplement? One that:

  • Gives you razor-sharp focus?
  • Makes you feel confident and in-control?
  • Protects your immune system from time-wasting illnesses?
  • Provides everything you need in one convenient dose?
  • Doesn?t make you dizzy/nauseous/constipated?

What if I told you this supplement already exists? It does, and it?s called Shilajit.

Shilajit, meaning ?conqueror of mountains and destroyer of weakness,? is a mineral extracted from rocks in the Himalayas. Native villagers first discovered Shilajit when they observed white monkeys licking the rocks. Used in traditional Ayurvedic medicine, this supplement takes on many awesome roles:



Shilajit will get your brain moving faster in the mornings, making you more alert, aware and ?with it.? Feel the caffeine high without the caffeine crash.


Anti-Inflammatory Agent

Laboratory studies have found Shilajit to significantly reduce inflammation in muscle tissue. Without pain, you can do all types of things.


Immune Protector

Shilajit has been shown to have adaptogenic properties. This means it helps you adjust to new environments so you?re less likely to catch cold when the temperature drops. If you travel for business, you will certainly appreciate this benefit. The presence of fulvic and amino acids assists your body in absorbing nutrients, forming a shield against diseases.


Metabolism Booster

Scientific studies demonstrate that Shilajit significantly improves liver functions, fixing digestive issues and helping you to blast away extra pounds.



By improving your physical and mental health and opening up your senses, Shilajit makes sex more pleasurable. In one study, those who took 750 mg of Shilajit a day saw their testosterone increase by 30%.



?Shilajit has made a big difference in my life. I have more energy, my skin looks great, I sleep better and of course, my metabolism has increased so I have lost some unwanted weight. Great product, it?s the real deal!? Salma Mirza, Boise

?My energy levels were off the charts! I could focus on my music for hours and normally tedious tasks were actually enjoyable.? Reuben White, San Francisco

?I feel like a much more powerful version of myself. I?m taking this with me to New York. If anything is going to get me through that winter, this is.? Jonathan Fitcher, Houston

?I tried Shilajit for the first time three weeks ago and instantly felt renewed. It gave me a natural high, without the negative effects of caffeine and alcohol.? Riley Wilson, San Diego

Need we say more? Take this superfood and become a super-you. Go to to get your Shilajit today.



Harold Johnson, CEO

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*I was not hired to write this piece of copy for this company. However, it does show you an example of the excellent copy I can provide for you once you hire me.