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Dear <name>:

There are over 30 million businesses in the United States today. How do you make your company stand out?

  • Exceptional employees.
  • Dynamic marketing.
  • A cohesive team that?s committed to your company?s vision.
  • Focused, charismatic leadership.

A Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) coach will help you achieve all of these things!

So what is NLP, exactly?

?Neuro? refers to the part of your brain that processes information through the five senses, ?linguistic? is the language system used to express this information, and ?programming? refers to the ability to train your brain to achieve desired results.

How can NLP help your business?


No Failure, Only Feedback

?Many corporate trainers are simply going through the motions, dumping a bunch of information on new employees they?ll either forget or ignore. Our coaches will show your training staff how to have a bigger impact by applying NLP techniques to employee training models. One thing NLP teaches is how to gage others? reactions to your words and actions so that you develop an instinct for successful behavior. With NLP there is no failure, only feedback. This facilitates a continuous learning cycle so you can use information and feedback to improve. No more memorizing training manuals. For your employees, doing their job effectively should become second nature.


Establishing Rapport

?Competent, charismatic leaders know how to clearly communicate their goals to others. For most people this does not come naturally. An NLP coach will teach you and your management team how to establish rapport with employees, customers and one another. This means paying attention to the visual and verbal cues given off by others and matching yours accordingly. Then the person can more easily relate to you, seeing you as an ally in a shared vision.



?Our coaches will teach you how to coordinate a diverse array of personalities, ensuring that everyone is on the same page. This means being able to view a given situation from multiple perspectives. By mediating conflict and aligning goals, an NLP coach helps you to develop a climate of trust in your organization.


Reach Your Goals?Not Tomorrow, Today! ?

An NLP coach will help you set clear, achievable goals, enhancing self-sufficiency and organizing your life for maximum productivity. Your goals will only become a reality if they are tangible. NLP teaches you to map out your goals by imagining all the sights, sounds and feelings that would accompany the completion of these goals.


Know Your Audience

Reach out to your target demographic and expand your customer base by using NLP techniques in advertising and marketing campaigns. One of the keys to persuasive advertising is using sensory details to engage your audience on an emotional level. Also, you must be able to anticipate your audience?s needs and desires. One mistake advertisers consistently make is being clever for its own sake and failing to connect with potential customers. An NLP coach can help your marketing team gain the skills it needs to better serve your audience.


Opportunity Awaits

?In the plethora of daily responsibilities that come with operating a business, it?s easy to lose touch with the human side of business. This is why so many businesses fail. Let our team of NLP coaches help you to drastically improve your business?and your life! Call 888-500-3348 for your free consultation.



George Ramos

Director, NLP Coaches Alliance

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