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Begin your journey to health, wealth, and happiness today…you don’t need more time or money…all you need is the slight edge!

Do you drive in awe through luxurious neighborhoods…marvel at a runner’s sculpted biceps and washboard abs…watch in envy as a bestselling author churns out book after book?

Do you think to yourself, what did these people do right in life?

Do you feel as if an unfathomable gulf separates you from the mega wealthy, the super fit, and the ultra successful?

In fact, this distance is merely an illusion.

The only gap separating you from those who have “made it” is the slight edge.

With Jeff Olson’s The Slight Edge audiobook, you will learn how to leverage daily activities to achieve financial success, rewarding relationships, peak physical health, and enhanced productivity.

Packed with deceptively simple yet profound wisdom, engaging stories, and actionable advice, this audiobook will give you the jumpstart you need to make life-changing decisions the instant you press play.

Though dense with valuable information, each chapter is short and compact, making them perfect for your daily commute or a quick trip to the grocery store.

The Slight Edge is not another “feel-good” sermon on the power of positive thinking. Instead, Olson teaches you how to be more proactive in your journey to a better you, breaking down each process into a series of simple steps.

You will learn that success—whether personal, financial, or spiritual—resides not in some mystical formula, nor do you need to give up everything you enjoy.

Once you understand how the accumulation of choices you make each day points you toward or away from success, you’ll feel empowered to begin your path towards transformation.

By listening to The Slight Edge, you will learn:

  • How to make time work for you rather than against you.
  • Ways to ditch destructive habits and retain beneficial ones.
  • The waiter asks you, “What would you like to order?” Why the answer is more important than you think.
  • How to grow a fortune from a penny.
  • No, it’s not about willpower. What actually propels meaningful change.
  • What movie montages fail to teach us about falling in love, learning a new skill, or losing weight…and how these processes really work.
  • Ways to reshape your perspective so you will never again be a victim of circumstance.
  • How to stop living in the past, and start moving toward the future!
  • Why to-do lists don’t work…and what you can do instead.
  • Easy steps you can take today to start turning your dreams for financial, personal, and professional success into realities—all you need is a pen and a notepad!

Ready to get on the path that will lead you to unparalleled life satisfaction?

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