Executive Summary

Executive Summary for Montiff, Inc



Doctors have a unique challenge: they must be detectives to figure out if the patient is accurate in how he presents his body. Standard blood and urine tests simply can’t tell the full story. Just like a CEO needs a CFO, doctors need a behind-the-scenes technician to R&D the tools to help with their specialty.


I founded Montiff, Inc in 1997 after selling my first company (Tyson & Associates) due to my partner’s retirement. Since then, I have dedicated my life to researching medical solutions, including 15 years at the Remedco Medical Labs where I helped develop tests for measuring amino acid levels in the plasma and urine. We take sophisticated medicine and make it simple for doctors. Our goal is to help the doctor help the patient.

Montiff, Inc is a nutritional supplement line and medical research lab all rolled into one. Key to the company’s success is a pristine product line specializing in amino acids, which we offer in both capsule and powder form. Because the body is primarily made of amino acids, they provide the building blocks for good health. We are purveyors of pure nutritional biochemistry used by physicians in their treatments.

Why Montiff?

We are innovators in the supplements industry, having been the first to use oral amino acid therapy in the early 1980s. Prior to that, people had to take amino acids intravenously. A veteran in the industry, I have consulted over 2,000 doctors and given over 300 lectures to health practitioners. With us, integrity is the bottom line. You can rest assured that you’re doing business with a company that values transparency above all else. We resist medical fads and will consult our clients to help them find a product that meets their needs. If we do not have a product that a client is looking for, we will helpfully recommend other reputable companies who we know or work with.

Our products are made under strict GMP conditions, and all raw materials are certified and pre-certified before purchase. In order to build trust with our clients, we cite our references in company literature. I have assisted the FDA and OTC on several occasions. For instance, in 1989 I helped the FDA to resolve an issue with tryptophan batches when a defective raw material injured thousands of people.

Montiff, Inc supplements have been refined through years of research, based on accurate literature, and achieved noticeable results. Amino Plex, the first formula developed with my first company, effectively helped patients overcome lethargy and manage stress, particularly patients over 50. We sold 8 million models of one formula alone. In the early 1980s, I was the first to introduce enteric preparations of the active coenzymes B1, B2, and B6 in addition to the first active, enterically-coated ATP tablets. Studies done by Harvard Medical School have discovered that ATP, commonly known as the battery of life, is essential in slowing down aging in the brain.

Another supplement,Theraset, has been successfully used by physicians specializing in alcohol rehabilitation to help alcoholics combat their craving in 3-4 weeks with only moderate amounts of rehab required. The California Association of Alcohol and Drug Educators has honored me with a lifetime achievement award for my work with Dr. William Hitt. We have also developed products to aid physicians in treating cardiovascular problems and researching Lou Gehrig’s disease. Doctors have trusted our products to treat the most vulnerable patients including infants and cancer patients.

What’s Next

We are currently at work on 4 new products: a nutritional support for people with drug addictions, a product designed to improve the cardiovascular system for diabetics, an anti-aging product, and Tyson paste, an all natural product that will brighten teeth by killing bugs in the alimentary canal. The paste has been used for 2 years on both humans and animals with zero side effects.

Who We’re Looking For

We need someone with expertise in marketing, advertising, and sales to take over the company. I plan to stay with the company for 3-4 years as a working consultant and will be available to answer any questions. Currently we are at $700,000 in sales with a gross profit of $420,000. Given our high-quality products and technical expertise, with a solid marketing plan, we are capable of driving 2 to 5 million in sales in the next few years. I want to go in the direction of Amazon where people are selling our products on their websites, therefore exponentially expanding our base while maintaining our commitment to quality. Above all, our mission is to serve the people and accentuate the quality of life for our customers.