Monetizing Your Passion

Today, you could be kicking back at the beach or wishing you were at the beach?which would you choose?


Dear Friend,

As you?re reading this, you?re likely making a mental checklist of all the things you need to accomplish today. Perhaps you?re getting ready for your morning commute.

Let me ask you something–as you?re reflecting on the day you have ahead of you, what emotions are running through your head? Excitement for all the day has to offer? Or do you feel a weary resignation?another day of the same old, same old?

Three years ago, I found myself in a rut.

Stuck in a job I had no passion for, I was living a double-life. While I dutifully carried out my daily obligations, I played out a fantasy scenario in my head?one where I would drive right past the office and go to the beach instead?miraculously, there would be no frantic calls from my boss, wondering where I was. Even as my now jobless status began to sink in, no money worries would disrupt the tranquility of waves crashing against the shore.

Today, my dream life and my reality are no longer separate entities?they are one and the same.

Gone are the days of yearning for something more?now I am living and breathing a life of joy that three years ago I would have found unimaginable.

However, I am not content to simply bask in my newfound happiness.

Given the dramatic distinction between my old life and new life, I can?t help but think to myself, what if I could help others to gain the same level of emotional, personal, and professional freedom?but taking a much shorter route than the one I took? If more people learned how to channel their energy into fulfilling careers, ones that served themselves and their communities, wouldn?t the world be a much happier place?

That is why I have put together this five-day workshop, Designing Your Dream Job. Through a series of seminars and structured activities, I will guide you down the path to success, retracing all the steps I took to get there–free of the roadblocks that frequently disrupted my own journey.

In this workshop, you will learn how to break the invisible chains that bond you to a job you do not want?and start living a life filled with riches, fulfillment, and excitement!

This workshop guides you through the two-part process of building your dream job. First, you will participate in discovery activities where you?ll uncover that sweet spot where your passion and your skills intersect. Next, you?ll learn how to monetize this combo.

Now, you?re probably thinking, Part 1 is a cinch?Part 2, not so much. In fact, many of us stay in jobs we?re less than thrilled about precisely because they pay the bills?not to mention health insurance, retirement funds, vacation pay, sick leave, etc?

However, what if I told you that by branching out on your own, you could not only match your earnings from your old job, you could earn more?in some cases, triple or quadruple those earnings?

To accept this statement as true, there?s one thing you must do?you must abandon your mom and dad?s blueprint for success?the belief that to achieve anything in this world, you must go to college, work the 9-5, and make your way up the corporate ladder.

Let?s face it, job stability is a thing of the past. At any given time, you could become laid off or demoted?no matter how seemingly secure your position.

By branching out on your own, though, you take charge of your future. You call the shots when it comes to hours, location, and salaries. By learning ways to diversity your income streams, you can breathe easier knowing that if one stream dries up, you have another one to turn to.

In this workshop, you will not only gain the confidence you need to step out of your comfort zone and get serious about pursuing your passion, but you will also learn the nuts and bolts of self-employment, including how to advertise your business and prepare for the unexpected.

This workshop will teach you:

  • How to channel your passion into a lucrative career.
  • Ways to define your value on your own terms, not anyone else?s (most professionals undercharge for their services based on a skewed perception of value).
  • Graceful ways to break it to your family?and boss?that you?re leaving your day job.
  • How to tune out the distractions to hone in on your passion (all successful entrepreneurs, no matter their product, have one quality in common?laser-sharp focus).
  • How to resist the pitfalls that derail you from your goal.
  • Strategies for advertising your new business on social media.
  • How to reduce overhead costs in the early days of your business.
  • Ways to budget wisely and ease into your new lifestyle gradually (don?t quit your day job just yet!).
  • To outsource or not to outsource? How to weigh out factors such as the size of your business, annual profits, the nature of your product, and your personality type to answer this question.
  • Tricks psychologists use to assess people based on vocal delivery and body language?equipped with these tactics, you can determine if employees?from the very first interview?will quit, disappoint you, or run your company into the ground, saving you TONS of time and headaches!

Ready to say goodbye to the office forever? To enhance your wealth, sense of fulfillment, and overall quality of life?

Don?t wait! Enroll by February 23 and save $500!

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P.S. Enroll by February 23 and enjoy these free bonuses:

  • 365 daily action steps?that?s right, each day of the week, you will get an email with an actionable step specifically targeted toward helping you monetize your passion. Remember, action, not analysis, leads to accomplished goals.
  • Access to our member database, where you can network with other attendees and find your accountability partner. Continue to bond with other members long after the workshop is over!


*I was not hired to write this piece of copy for this company. However, it does show you an example of the excellent copy I can provide for you once you hire me.