Direct Mail Postcards

Postcard #1: Homeless Organization

Front side headline/body copy

Marissa was living on the streets, pregnant and alone. Now in her eighth year of teaching, she advises her students how to stay off the streets.

 Safe Haven helps homeless youth like Marissa obtain the education and resources they need to find permanent housing. Cooking classes. Acting workshops. A welcoming community. We enrich lives, providing valuable lessons in confidence and self-reliance.

Reverse side headline/body copy

Shelly?s childhood was filled with screaming parents and night after night with no dinner on the table. Now her daughter?s biggest concerns are ballet lessons and trips to the beach.

 Through therapy sessions provided by Safe Haven, Shelly learned to break the cycle of abuse. She learned how to express herself through painting and poetry. Because she received love, she learned how to show love.

Making a Big Impact

 Last year, Save Haven over 1,500 individuals. We provided nearly 18,000 meals. We helped over 150 youth find stable housing.

Your donations make all of this possible. You can help youths like Marissa and Shelly lead happy, productive lives. Visit and click on the ?Get Involved? tab to make a donation. Choose from our many donation options to meet your budget.


Post Card #2: Animal Friends

Greg the rooster was found tied up to the steps of Sigma Pi Fraternity, beaten to within an inch of his life and left to starve. Now Greg is fully recovered, the first to greet visitors at Animal Friends.

 Animal Friends rescues cows, pigs and chickens that have been neglected or abused. Through the loving care of our dedicated volunteers, we restore them to health and help them to lead happy lives.

We provide shelter to over 100 farm animals and encourage people to go vegan, putting an end to the cruel factory farm system.

 Through our guided tours, we help visitors put a name and a face to the animals they once viewed only as food. Visitors will see firsthand how farm animals display emotion and personality just like cats and dogs.

There are many ways you can help Animal Friends rescue even more animals. You can volunteer or donate through a Planned Giving program. Find out more at





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