Don?t Let Another Day Go to Waste: Define Your Priorities Today

Cara sighed in disappointment as she reflected on her day?s accomplishments. She woke that morning full of optimism, a whole list planned out for her first day off in two weeks: Go for a morning hike, finish a watercolor painting (a birthday gift for her sister), revise that screenplay she?d been kicking around for three years.

First, though, she went to the post office. After ten minutes looking for a parking space, the self-service machine was out-of-order, so she had to wait in line twenty minutes.

Arriving home, she unfolded her canvas, then searched her closet for her watercolors. Predictably, they were buried at the bottom. If only her closet were more organized?finding things would be so much easier. In fact, why not organize it now? As she rifled through her closet, she kept getting sidetracked by old photo albums and books she had forgotten she owned.

When she finally finished, she realized that she hadn?t done the laundry yet?before she knew it, the sun was setting.

Once in bed, she couldn?t sleep. She tossed and turned, trying to figure out what went wrong. Why didn?t her day ever turn out the way she wanted?

Sound familiar? We often begin our day with the best intentions, only to watch them disintegrate as obligations fly at us from every angle, dismantling our carefully laid plans.

If only Cara had taken five minutes to organize her list?she would have had a more fruitful and enjoyable day.

Reorganizing Your List

You can take control of your life, ditching those time killers and making room for more rewarding activities, with the Action Priority Matrix. This tool allows you to categorize your daily tasks according to their impact and amount of effort required.

This is how the grid is organized:

  • Quick Wins: high impact, low effort

Ex. Booking an appointment

  • Big Projects: high impact, high effort

Ex. Building a website

  • Filler Tasks: low impact, low effort

Ex. Organizing your desk

  • Hard Slogs: low impact, high effort

Ex. Remodeling your office when you have no carpentry skills

The most fulfilling activities, those that contribute to a deeper life satisfaction, carry the highest impact. Challenging, time-consuming tasks take the greatest amount of effort. For major projects integral to personal or professional success, this effort is worthwhile.

However, don?t waste your energy on high effort, low impact tasks. Got a leaky faucet but never used a wrench in your life? Stop kidding yourself–you won?t fix it in an hour. Hire a plumber and use that time you would have spent unsuccessfully fixing the sink to update your website or send out mailers to potential clients.

For Cara, two of the items on her list?painting a picture for her sister and revising her screenplay?were both high impact and high effort activities. She should have chosen only one to focus on for the day. Overload your plate with too many big projects, and you won?t finish anything.

Curious to give the Matrix Priority app a try? Download to your phone or computer for a free no-risk trial today.

Once you?ve seen what this app can do for you, it?s time to take it to the next level with our premium upgrade. Here you get:

  • Personalized voice reminders for time-sensitive tasks
  • Calendar sharing with contacts
  • Convenient syncing across all your devices
  • Linking to accountability partners
  • Daily, weekly and monthly reports that track progress
  • Tools that break down big projects into manageable chunks
  • 24-hour access to our life-coach hotline
  • Free podcasts on topics related to productivity and time-management

All of this can be yours for only $12.99 a month. When you apply this increased efficiency to your business, you can double, triple, or even quadruple your profits.

More importantly, though, you are buying the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you dedicated each day to meaningful growth and enrichment, that you did not whittle your time away on frivolous tasks.

Most of us can relate to Cara. We set goals for ourselves but then go about our days blindly, rarely seeing these goals to fruition.

It doesn?t have to be that way. Don?t let meaningless tasks obstruct your path to personal growth.

Cara no longer does. Now with the Matrix Priority Organizer, she has rearranged her daily schedule and revamped her life. With a more focused, efficient approach to her days, she not only completes her to-do lists, but also accomplishes goals that, six weeks ago, would not have seemed possible: reading War and Peace, organizing a food drive, and learning to ski!

Increased productivity creates a ripple effect that trickles down into every avenue of your life. You will sleep easier knowing that you accomplished all your goals for the day. More sleep leads to increased happiness, improved metabolism, and better overall health.


Margie Benson of Salt Lake City, Utah: ?I tried it all?calendars, reminders, countless productivity apps?to no avail. In fact, figuring out how to use these apps resulted in me wasting even more time! Then this app came along. Not only is it incredibly easy to use, but it has also allowed me to organize my day in a way that makes sense. Now I feel in control of my time, rather than the other way around.?

Jack Medsell of Phoenix, Arizona: ?I used to think there were never enough hours in the day. I would scramble around frantically trying to get everything done and accomplish nothing. The Action Priority Matrix has helped me to create realistic daily goals. At the end of each day I get the satisfaction of seeing my to-do list completely checked off so I can start the next day with a clean slate!?

It?s time to take charge of your life. Visit to download your app today.




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