Melt away pain, banish fatigue, and step inside a new you with powerful, all-natural supplement

These days you can usually find Olga Hendrix at the tennis courts or planting bromeliads with the garden club. Just five months ago, though, it was a different story. Her arthritis had gotten so bad that she couldn?t make her bed or button up her coat without her son?s assistance.

Her doctor had put her on several medications, but they did more harm than good. They made her depressed and foggy-headed. When she started losing her short-term memory, she decided to quit cold turkey.

That?s when she discovered Shilajit.

The positive effects were almost immediate.

?I felt clear-headed, calm and happy all around,? she says. ?At first I thought it might be a placebo effect, but when I found that I could make my bed with no pain, I knew what I was experiencing was real.?


A Time-Tested Treatment

Shilajit, meaning ?conqueror of mountains and destroyer of weakness,? is a substance extracted from rocks high up in the Himalayas. Used in traditional Ayurvedic medicine for centuries, this herb can help you effectively treat a wide range of ailments.

Medicine men revered Shilajit for its powerful aphrodisiac properties and longevity-boosting powers. Aristotle mentioned Shilajit in his works as an antiseptic and stimulant. According to Charaka Samhita, an ancient Ayurvedic text, there is no curable disease in the universe that Shilajit cannot treat.


A No-Frills, Multifaceted Superfood

If you?re like me, you don?t want to swallow down eight pills with your morning O.J. Unfortunately, that?s a reality many of us face. The health care industry floods us with information about what we need to be healthy: fish oil, antioxidants, iron, B vitamins, ginseng, calcium, magnesium?

Overwhelming, right?

With Shilajit, you get everything you need in one pea-sized dose: 85 minerals as well as fulvic acid, which helps your body to absorb nutrients.

This all-natural, highly versatile supplement will reduce your arthritic and muscle pain, protect your immune system, wake you up in the mornings and soothe tired nerves.

Unlike drinking a cup of coffee, there is no ?jolt? that accompanies the consumption of this product. Rather, the effect comes on gradually, allowing you to appreciate the heightened sensory awareness as the world around you snaps into focus.

You may experience rock-like properties upon taking this supplement. Robust. Grounded. Present.

Ever notice how the pills your doctor prescribes you numb your back pain but also make you dizzy and confused?

Ayurvedic medicine, alternatively, takes every aspect of your physical and mental well being into consideration. Unlike Western medicine, it emphasizes holistic healing and mind-body harmony over isolated fixes. Those who take Shilajit have reported feeling calmer, happier and more focused.


A Lesson Learned from the Rocks

There are lots of energy-zappers out there?traffic, blazing summer heat, chronic pain. These can quickly drain you of everything you have, leaving little energy for your hobbies and loved ones.

Many of us turn to caffeine and sugar to compensate for this lost energy, but the effect is short-lived and always followed by the inevitable crash. This does not happen in nature.

The mountains are their own source of energy, standing strong and firmly anchored to the earth.

When we want to receive the benefits of Vitamin C, we eat a carrot. So it makes sense that if we want to become more like the mountains, we would drink the substance that comes from the mountains.

Imagine this scenario. You wake up feeling groggy and fuzzy headed. You take your Shilajit. Immediately you feel refreshed. Within an hour you feel alert and aware.

Colors become more vibrant, smells more potent, tastes more vivid. As you start your crossword, you feel really focused and find that you finish it in half the time it normally takes you.

You look at your to-do list, eager to start on it immediately so you can get on with your day. You approach the first task, pulling weeds in your garden, with stamina, even joy.

Before you know it, you are done with everything on your list. You plunge into your next activity?crocheting, meditating, painting?with zest, feeling satisfied that you?ve had such a productive day.

When the grandkids want you to take them to the pool, you don?t hesitate. You feel confident and in control.

Now imagine that this was your day everyday.

One thing that consistently holds us back is pain: arthritis, back pain, muscle soreness, you name it. This pain prevents us from reaching our goals and worse, makes us dependent on others. Shilajit contains powerful anti-inflammatory properties that help to ease this pain so you can lead a more active lifestyle, easily completing tasks you once found difficult.

As Melinda Hudson of Santa Fe, New Mexico, puts it, ?Shilajit has made a big difference in my life. I have more energy, my skin looks great, I sleep better and of course, my metabolism has increased so I have lost some unwanted weight. Great product, it?s the real deal!?

Best of all, Shilajit is completely natural. No additives. No toxic chemicals. No unsavory side effects?migraines, fatigue, constipation?that often accompany pharmaceuticals.

Intrigued? It?s time to take control of your life. Visit to get your Shilajit today.



Harold Johnson, CEO

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