Outrunning excuses

Yesterday I’d been planning to go for a hike. But one thing led to another and pretty soon I had less than an hour and a half until sundown. Since I don’t consider my hike complete until I get to the highest peak, which takes about two hours, I figured, “Why bother?” I’d just go the next day. But then I reconsidered–even just an hour is better than nothing, right? And maybe if I picked up my pace, did more jogging and less walking, took less breaks, I could still make it to the top. I did end up making it, and it turned out to be one of the most beautiful hikes I’d been on, as the setting sun cast the mountains in a red glow. I did end up getting caught in the dark before I’d made it home, but house lights and street lamps guided my path. The point of all this? Too often, we end up putting off something over and over because we think we don’t have enough time. This applies not only to exercise but creative pursuits like writing and making music and even just random items on our to-do lists. Even if you only have five minutes, at least do something. The only way we’ll fail to reach our goals is by doing nothing.

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