The Limitless Mind



I?m sick of the same-old-same-old. It sure would be nice to get away for a bit?if only I had the money. I should get a new job?one that pays better. But there?s no way I?d have time for the job search. I have too much on my plate already.

And so the cycle continues.

Do you see what?s taking place? You?re experiencing a void, so you think of something that will fill that void?a vacation, a bigger place, a new career.

But each of these wants comes with a set of conditions that in turn come with more conditions. Even if you obtain that thing you want, the satisfaction only lasts for so long. Pretty soon, a new source of longing crops up.

As Lester Levenson put it, desire is a bottomless pit that can never be filled up.

The frustration of not getting what you want activates AGFLAP: apathy, grief, fear, lust, anger, and pride. You cry and feel sorry for yourself. You vent your frustration by lashing out at others. You tell yourself, ?Why even try??

So how do you get to the promised land? How do you achieve abundance, excitement, and fulfillment?

The answer isn?t out there.

The answer is right here?right now?inside of you.

The only thing holding you back is your mind. Your mind is telling you stories about what you don?t have. As long as you keep holding onto these stories, that lacking feeling is going to remain.

Wanting is the opposite of having. You can?t want and have something at the same time.

Just as your mind creates these problems, though, your mind is also capable of releasing these problems.

All you have to do is make the decision that you?re not letting yourself listen to those stories.

These stories may seem vivid and powerful. But they?re no more real than a puff of air. They are only recordings of past experiences?they have nothing to do with the future.

Here?s how to let go of that lacking feeling. It?ll work best if you play along and participate.

First, write a list of all the things you want but don?t have.

Then, think about the things on your list. What kind of feeling does it create? A lacking feeling? A feeling of longing or despair?

Ask yourself: CAN you let this feeling go? Answer YES or NO. If the answer is no, why not? It?s just a feeling. It?s not real.

Then ask yourself: WOULD you let it go? Answer YES or NO. If the answer is no, then ask yourself, has holding onto the feeling gotten you what you wanted? Has it made you any happier? It hasn?t, right? Then you might as well let go of it. It?s not helping you anyway.

Finally, ask yourself, WHEN? The answer is, NOW. After all, you want to start feeling better immediately?not tomorrow or next week.

Focus on the situation again and notice how you feel now. Is there more of that lacking feeling left, or has it stirred up other unpleasant emotions? If so, keep repeating the process: Could you?would you?when? Keep doing this until your mind feels calm and quiet.

In the midst of quiet, your mind is UNLIMITED?there?s no longer any I CANTs.

When your mind is unlimited, nothing can hold you back. Freed of the limiting beliefs that have kept you from achieving your goals, you?ll have a clean slate. Instead of yearning for the past or searching for the next bright shiny object, you?ll be relishing in the present. Your life will feel much richer and fuller, and amazing things will start to happen.

Clearing your mind is not always easy, though. After all, you?ve spent a lifetime building up these stories of lack.

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